Place to buy gold for the new Nostalrius – Elysium WoW

build your own legacy - Elysium

For the ones that are not following the hottest gaming news, Nostalrius made a comeback… long story short, it is now known as Elysium and to make things even more complicated: former Valkyrie WoW.

A couple of name changes happened recently:

  1. Nostalrius PvP turned into Anathema
  2. Nostalrius PvE turned into Darrowshire
  3. Elysium remains Elysium
  4. Zeth Kur was released due to the long Elysium queue.

As with Nosta, many gold selling sites popped out of nowhere claiming to be the best business in town. While we haven’t tried every Elysium gold selling website in existence, we known one that will cater to all your needs, including powerleveling for Elysium & Zeth’Kur, it’s name is:

Make sure you pay them a visit, and if you decide to use the services of this V7 site, tell them that you were referred by us – you might get some bonus… but don’t tell anyone else 😛

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