This was a former home to Anarchy Online Main Frame

Anarchy Online was one of the most popular and earliest MMORGPs released back in 2001. AOMainFrame info served as the to-go place for every player that looked to enhance their Anarchy experience.

After the release of World of Warcraft, most of the player base went and remains there, so we stopped updating and maintaining this website – if you are still into the game, perhaps you can take a look on the anarchy universe forums.

The AO Gameplay

The video below is reminisce of how the game used to be back in the day.

The Most Popular TBC WoW Private Servers for 2017

During 2015 and 2016, we saw the rise and popularity of Vanilla Classic 1.12 private WoW Servers: Warsong (now Nemesis), Nostalrius Begins PvP & PvE, Kronos 1 & 2 and Elysium were the main playgrounds, but the Vanilla versions are seeing some decline now.

For the old hardcore gamers, looking for a nice spots to experience their favorite Burning Crusade version of the game – 2.4.3, released in 2007 as the first World of Warcraft expansions, we have some good news. Warmane recently launched 2 realms on their servers, featuring the Burning Crusade.

The first one, called Outland, was released on 20th May and quickly gained a lot of traction. With 13000 population cap, and almost 2k people constantly in the queue, it can be concluded that it is the most overcrowded TBC server. The catch with Outland is.. it has x5 leveling rates. Gold for Warmane’s Outland TBC can be purchased from Gold4Outland.

On the other side, the second Warmane TBC realm made in a completely blizzlike 100% fashion, is called Medivh. It’s population is 1/4 of Outland, but it has x1 leveling rates and allows players to experience TBC WoW as it was 10 years ago. If you are looking to buy Medivh gold, visit this site.

Other than these two, there aren’t many others that can live up to everyone’s expecations. Excalibur is nice but not satisfactory, Archangel is dead-like for a long time now, Hellfire tried to stand up with their Hellfire 2 progressive version, and Hellground, now called the Wargate Project, saw it’s 3rd re-release with very limited success. It seems that Outland outshadowed them all.

Based on the current situation, these two realms will continue to thrive for at least 2 years, especially Outland. It is worthy to note that, Outland also surpassed the main Warmane realm: Icecrown WotLK in terms of population – Icecrown was full with 12k players at any time for a whole year, ever since it was born out of Ragnaros and Deathwing.

Place to buy gold for the new Nostalrius – Elysium WoW

For the ones that are not following the hottest gaming news, Nostalrius made a comeback… long story short, it is now known as Elysium and to make things even more complicated: former Valkyrie WoW.

A couple of name changes happened recently:

  1. Nostalrius PvP turned into Anathema
  2. Nostalrius PvE turned into Darrowshire
  3. Elysium remains Elysium
  4. Zeth Kur was released due to the long Elysium queue.

As with Nosta, many gold selling sites popped out of nowhere claiming to be the best business in town. While we haven’t tried every Elysium gold selling website in existence, we known one that will cater to all your needs, including powerleveling for Elysium & Zeth’Kur, it’s name is:


Make sure you pay them a visit, and if you decide to use the services of this V7 site, tell them that you were referred by us – you might get some bonus… but don’t tell anyone else 😛