Anarchy Online Mainframes

Hello, and welcome to our website. We re-created this site after it was offline for a longer period due to server issues. In the past, it served as a mainframe database for Anarchy Online Universe. So it was recreated because visitors were coming in and landing on a blank page – at least now you know the purpose of this page.

We featured tools, nano listings, damage sim calculator, equipment configuration and items listing. Today, it exists on the following URL: and you should be moving there if you are looking for the same items (even though the new site hasn’t been updated for quite long). It is basically the same site that was existing here, from the same devs,  Jayde, Debug, MORB and Timber.

What is the Anarchy Online Universe?

Anarchy Online (AO) is a science fiction themed massive multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG). It predates World of Warcraft, and can be taken as the pre-sequel of WoW. Even the game-play is similar, but with much uglier graphics (for today’s standards, that is). It was launched back in the early 2000’s. Take a look on the following video to see AO Universe in action:

As  the video is about 8 months old from today (21th Jan 2015), it is a bit funny that this game is still played in 2015.

What is the difference between Anarchy Online Universe and World of Warcraft

As you have guessed, we recently moved from AO to playing WoW. The real difference is the developers behind the game, Blizzard is simply outstanding in everything they do. Much better graphics, game items, support… you name it. However, much like AO, Blizzard’s fast release of expansions really killed the game, so we were off to Feenix WoW and Molten WoW in order to fully experience the previous versions of the game which were much more enjoyable.

The AO Real World Legacy

Apart from good memories of playing the game, the legacy that today exists is Funcom and marks on the skin by AO fanatics. Yes, you guess correctly – tattoos. Some people were crazy and inked their skin with Anarchy tattoos. Now we can’t say from where the inspiration came from, but it was probably from this AO Universe characters (featuring the Illuminate, Dragon & Opposing Force):

These were taken from:

And now the real world AO tattoos done by tattoo artists from Texas and shops in Louisiana:

The AO Symbol tattoo:

ao tatt

Anarchy Caldari with gun.


Anarchy resembles the cosmos, here is a tatt with greek letters.

kosmos ao tattoo

And this sons of Anarchy Mainframes.

sons-of-anarchy made in plano